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Frequently Asked Questions on Pregnancy, Birth, labour and newborns

Whether you've got a question about trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth or becoming a father - we've got it covered. Take a look at the topics below to see if your particular question has already been answered

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Top 10 FAQs

I love prawns. Can I eat them during pregnancy?

What triggers labour?

I’ve found out I’m pregnant – when will my first appointment with a Midwife or Doctor be and what will happen?

What is a membrane sweep?

We’ve just found out about our pregnancy – when should we tell our family and friends?

I don’t want to go overdue. What can I do to help labour start?

How will I know if I’m pregnant?

Is it true that you shouldn’t sleep on your back during pregnancy?

What do contractions feel like?

Should my baby wear her hat indoors?

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Trying For A Baby


Causes of Miscarriage

IVF & Methods of Assisted Conception

All About your Pregnancy

How Can I Tell if I’m Pregnant

Just Found Out I'm Pregnant - Early Days

Safety Issues in Pregnancy

What to Eat and What to Avoid

How to Keep Healthy – a Guide

Maternity Benefits

Special situations

Antenatal Care – a Guide

Pregnancy – Side Effects

Pregnancy Complications

Baby Development During Pregnancy

Changes to Your Body

Maintaining a Great Relationship

Antenatal Blood Tests During Pregnancy

Twins, Triplets and More

Shopping for Baby

The Last Weeks of Your Pregnancy

your sexuality

All About Labour

Choosing Where to Give Birth

When Baby Arrives Early - Premature Birth

Am I in Labour?, How Will I Know?

Pain Relief in Labour

LABOUR – Everything You Need to Know


Birth Partners

Forceps and Ventouse Births


Caring For Baby at Birth

Feeding Your Baby

All About Breastfeeding

Choosing Not to Breastfeed

your sexuality

Taking Baby Home

Taking Baby Home

Care of Your Newborn Baby

Loss Of A Baby

Baby Loss – Caring For You & Your Family

Following The Birth - Caring For You

Getting Back in Shape Following the Birth

Sleep – What is sleep?

Depression Following the Birth

Caring for your sexuality

Family Life

Bonding to Baby

Now Three – a Family

Your Relationship

Time for You as a Couple

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