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Sleep – What is sleep? Frequently Asked Questions
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Sleep – What is sleep?

My baby is 2 weeks old, the midwife doesn’t call any more and my baby is crying all the time and doesn’t seem to settle – I’m breastfeeding and feeling so tired. Will things get better? midwives response

When will the health visitor come to our home? midwives response

How long should our new baby sleep for? midwives response

Should I pick my baby up every time she cries? midwives response

What is colic? midwives response

My friend said she fed her baby every three hours to establish a routine from the start. What do you think? midwives response

The screaming is getting on my nerves – what should I do? midwives response

Our baby won’t settle in her Moses basket and only seems to sleep when she’s lying on my partner or me. We’re desperate for her to get some sleep, so we’re letting this continue for the time being. Is this wrong? midwives response

Is it ok to rock your baby to sleep? midwives response

Why do babies cry? midwives response

Is there a different cry for different reasons, such as one cry for comfort and another for feeding? midwives response

Is it ok for our baby to share our bed? I’m confused about the advice. midwives response

My Mum says babies sleep better on their tummies. Is she right? midwives response

My friend sleep-trained her baby in three weeks. How early can you start? midwives response

Can you use a baby sleeping bag for a newborn midwives response

I want to feed my baby on demand but my mum says I’m making life hard for myself – Is she right? midwives response

My partner never wakes up if when I’m pacing the floor with the baby – how can I make him get involved? midwives response

What does swaddling mean? midwives response

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