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Taking Baby Home Frequently Asked Questions
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Taking Baby Home

I hate the thought of being in hospital for long and know that I will just want to go home – how soon can I come home with my baby? midwives response

Will I have any privacy in hospital? I hate the idea of being on a ward. midwives response

Where will my baby sleep when we're in the hospital? midwives response

My friend’s baby slept almost continuously for the first day or so. Is this normal? midwives response

Will I get any sleep at all in the early days? midwives response

Should my baby be in her own room or in with us and for how long? midwives response

Do we need a car seat straight away or can I hold my baby in the car? midwives response

Will the hospital help me with the baby if I’m having problems? midwives response

I’m going to be on my own when I go home and I’m worried I won’t manage. midwives response

My mum’s coming to stay with me but I don’t want her to take over- how should I approach this? midwives response

I’m a really deep sleeper: I’m worried that I won’t hear my baby crying. Is this likely? midwives response

Who can I turn to if I have problems with breastfeeding? midwives response

Will the Midwife visit me at home when I’m out of hospital? midwives response

I don’t want to go home too soon – can I stay in Hospital if I want to? midwives response

I found all the visitors exhausting last time – but how can I ask them to stay away? midwives response

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