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your sexuality Frequently Asked Questions
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your sexuality

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have no desire to have sex, is this normal? midwives response

I'm scared that I'm going to hurt the baby if I have sex with my partner. midwives response

My vagina looks really different; my lips are all swollen and red? midwives response

I feel like I'm leaking urine and I'm embarrassed to tell my midwife what should I do? midwives response

Sex has been so uncomfortable since month five, any tips? midwives response

Which intercourse positions are recommended in pregnancy? midwives response

I'm always too tired to have the athletic sex we used to have, how can I keep my man happy? midwives response

I'm worried that if I keep ignoring his sexual demands that he'll get it on with another woman. midwives response

Is it safe for my partner to give me oral sex? midwives response

Is it true that having intercourse after 40 weeks can help to induce labour? midwives response

Is it safe to have unprotected sex in pregnancy, could his sperm start an early labour? midwives response

I have had mild contractions after sex, is this normal? midwives response

I have a high risk pregnancy and have been told that I can't have sex, is anything safe to do? midwives response

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