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your sexuality Frequently Asked Questions
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your sexuality

Why do my nipples leak milk when we're having sex? midwives response

All I want to do is to cuddle and feed my baby. I'm not at all interested in being physically close to my husband. midwives response

Is it normal to feel jealous of my baby for breast-feeding? midwives response

My friend told me that breastfeeding may suppress my libido, is this true? midwives response

I feel so un-sexy in my milk stained feeding bra, any suggestions? midwives response

I want to feed on her nipples too, is this wrong? midwives response

I can't bear the thought of him touching my breasts. How can I explain this? midwives response

Am I using the excuse of having to feed my baby so I can sleep separately from my husband? midwives response

I'm not lubricating so well when we have sex, could this be anything to do with breast-feeding? midwives response

Is it true that whilst I'm breast-feeding, I can get pregnant? midwives response

I still feel so fat and self conscious in front of my partner, I thought that breast feeding would help me to loose my pregnancy weight. midwives response

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